Glenwood Cemetery

cemetery entrance flag poleThe first cemetery association in Homer was formed in 1847, called the Rural Cemetery Association. Early burials took place where the Homer Elementary School now stands. However, most of these early burial remains were later removed to the current location of Glenwood Cemetery at the corner of Routes 281 and 90.

In 1862, the Glenwood Cemetery Association was incorporated and the Association began the process of laying out the grounds, planting trees and building roads. The inscription on a plaque mounted on the boulder at the corner entrance to Glenwood Cemetery reads:
“Glenwood was opened and named in the year of 1867 by Paris Barber 1814-1876, a public spirited citizen of Homer New York.”

In 1946, the Cemetery Association requested that the Village of Homer Board of Trustees take over the management of the cemetery. Today, the Village Cemetery Commission oversees Glenwood Cemetery. Current members are Rusty McLaughlin, Chairman, and Wynnie Lottridge and Jr. Reddick, Commission Members.

At the present time, Glenwood Cemetery is staffed by James Toolan, Superintendent, and three seasonal employees, dedicated to keeping the grounds well maintained.

It is our hope Glenwood Cemetery will serve the needs of the community for decades to come.

The Glenwood Cemetery Commission

cemetery entrance new  -winterGlenwood Cemetery

51 South West St
Homer, New York 13077
James P. Toolan
Superintendent of the Cemetery
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Cemetery Office: 607-749-3517
Village of Homer Office: 607-749-3322