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Glenwood Cemetery
Rules & Regulations

• All burials must be paid prior to interment including cremains added to regular casket burials.
• Natural flowers may be planted in front of gravestones up to 15” out from stone.
• Natural Flowers planted in urn - limit 1 per gravesite.
• Natural flowers will be disposed of when the flowers die or fade.
• Eternal Candles may be placed by the headstone, 1 per grave, owner must maintain candles.
• Statuary Pottery limited to 1 per grave
• Before the cemetery closes for the season, all ceramic containers will be emptied and turned over on the lot.
• These items are not allowed in the cemetery at any time, as they are a hazard to our employees while mowing and trimming:
          - all artificial flowers and their containers
          - all glass and tin containers or ornaments
          - plastic or wire ornaments
          - brick, stone, or marble chips
          - plant hangers
          - shepherds’ hooks
          - wire or plastic fencing and borders
They will be removed from grave sites.  Items removed from grave sites by cemetery employees will be held for one month and then disposed of.