Historical Postcard Collection

Homer Academy Fire
pencil and ink drawing by a school boy, Jim Frye Jr., January 29, 1945.


The Flood of 1865, Main Street, Homer  1865Flood
“The Hedges” on Main Street, Homer when, over 100 years ago, it was the residence of Jacob M. Schermerhorn.

Capitol Theater
The post card reads, “To Da Mayer, Villige Hall, Homer”
“Dear Mayer, Last neight I saw Getting Gerties Garter. It weren’t as good as I thought it would be (if you know what I mean) butt we will keep votin fer youse iffen you keep the movies comin. Your pals, Clem and Hortense (7/46)



Glen Haven Hotel


1922-23 American LaFrance
First Motorized Village Truck, cost est. $1,900-$2,000