Village Updates

Over the past 3 weeks, Buzz and our crew at Water/Sewer and DPW repaired two leaks in our water system that have festered for years.

The end result? We reduced the amount of water being used by 20%, roughly 100,000 gallons PER DAY.

Great job by Buzz and all the guys at Newton Water Works and the Village of Homer DPW!
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Thursday, September 7, 2017 – 6:00 p.m.

1. Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees called to order by Mayor Hal McCabe. Pledge of Allegiance to follow.

2. Approve Minutes
August 9, 2017

3. Treasurer’s report:
• Financial Status of operating funds-Newton Water Works revenues and expenditures, General revenues and expenditures.

• Authorize payment of bills

4. Report of Offices and filing of written reports: Cemetery, Codes, Dogs, DPW, Fire Inspector, Fire Department, Police, Recreation, Water & Sewer.

5. Privilege of the Floor

6. Old Business

A. Town Hall/Village Move-In Update
B. Code issues
C. 23 South Main aka the pit

7. New Business

A. Plan First Contract for New Village Computers and Upgrades
B. School Resource Officer Agreement Approval
C. Clarification to Policy, Animal Removal (Village/Property Owner Responsibility)
D. Farmers Market

8. Attorney

9. Comments by Board Members

10. Executive Session

11. Adjournment
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2 weeks ago

Village of Homer, NY

Friday Forecast: White-Out ... See MoreSee Less


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